Netural Home is one of Kenisur’s distinctive and noteworthy projects, featuring a showroom dedicated to sanitary items and floorings.

Kenisur was entrusted with the task of conceptualizing and designing this multifaceted showroom, encompassing floorings, bathroom and toilet fixtures, and a select range of kitchen supplies. Additionally, the project involved the creation of a reunion hall and service areas.

In our finalized design, the visitor is welcomed into the showroom through an inviting entrance area. At this juncture, a towering partition featuring the Netural Home logo beckons, providing a designated space for guests to engage with the secretary. Here, visitors can receive essential information and discuss their visit in a conducive setting.

The visitor’s journey within the showroom branches into two distinct paths:

Right Route: The rightward path leads guests through a curated display of sanitary furniture and installations, complete with stylish design proposals. This section showcases an array of tiling options and harmonious combinations, offering informed recommendations to broaden clients’ horizons. Creativity abounds in every corner, with each section meticulously designed to epitomize flawless bathrooms and toilets. This immersive approach grants visitors a comprehensive view of possibilities and the final aesthetic of each material and item, thoughtfully positioned in context. Consequently, we have crafted authentic bathroom and toilet scenarios, enabling clients seeking specific items to observe the end result and make decisions with confidence.

Left Route: Opting for the leftward route upon entering the showroom guides visitors to panel stands, elegantly presenting scaled floorings. Guests have the opportunity to effortlessly slide out individual boards, examining specific floorings up close, feeling their textures, and assessing attachment systems.

Our overarching objective in the layout and organization of the Netural Home Showroom was twofold: to streamline the presentation of products for our suppliers in the simplest and most refined manner, and to simplify the decision-making process for clients while assuring them of the ultimate outcome.


Badhoevedorp | 2021 |

CATEGORIE: Showroom renovatie


FOTOGRAFIE: Luci Photography

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